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38mm black agate with chrysoprase inlays done by Mark Thone at Heart on Sleeve. 

These glasses are the

The result of boredom.

Rockin’ the opalites today

I’m selling all of these plugs because I’ve outgrown them, and while I love them and dont want to part with them, I dont want them to just collect dust. They all must go to loving homes. Click the pictures for sizes. Message me for specific details and higher quality photos upon request.

Prices are negotiable and shipping depends on where you live. Paypal only, please. 

I’m officially at 7/8” today! You know what that means? 3mm away from my second goal!

They grow up so fast <3

I slept so violently last night that I woke up with neither of my plugs in my ears.

I’m looking for some 7/8” to 1 inch plugs (definitely spirals) if anyone has any they dont want to part with for a fair price. 

Message me! Go! Do it!

After 3 years and a month, 19mm has been achieved! I will now spend the next year and a half pampering the shit out of my babies to prepare them for an inch :D