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I’m selling all of these plugs because I’ve outgrown them, and while I love them and dont want to part with them, I dont want them to just collect dust. They all must go to loving homes. Click the pictures for sizes. Message me for specific details and higher quality photos upon request.

Prices are negotiable and shipping depends on where you live. Paypal only, please. 

What tumblr has taught me thus far:

  • When someone is trying to talk about their experiences or feelings, don’t fuck with that. Either listen and be there or look away.
  • Nakedness is okay.
  • It’s definitely not okay to be republican on the internet.
  • Calling stretched ears or plugs “gauges” will get you crucified in the body mod community.


These are all 0g and all some kind of organic material (I cant remember what the names were.) The green double flare is only one plug because I lost the second one.

Prices aren’t set, so message me and we can talk about it.

Plugs for sale. Click on the picture for details. 

All will be cleaned thoroughly before shipping.

Message me if interested.

Guys! My goal plugs are getting shipped to me today. Guess what has two thumbs, eager ears, and is really fucking excited?

Oh my gosh guys. My ears thoughh… They need to be bigger :(

I am trying to get my ears stretched to 1/2” so if anyone is selling 00g, 7/16th, or 1/2” tapers, GET AT ME. <3

I’m a fucking animal whisperer or something :)

Holy Crap! <3